Intelligent Cars : Are they the future of connected health?

What if your doctor were a car, you think that it is insane? Wise up people, it is coming up upon us sooner than you think!

Keyless Entry, Remote Starters…these great ideas have emerged from the human creativity and have been, nowadays, taken forward.

Cars are from now on considered more than a transport mode: it must satisfy users’ requirements:  comfort, convenience and mainly safety and security.

Aware of what their customers are concerned about, the car manufacturers have established mechanisms and devices able to transform this mechanical machine to a healthy and secured environment, you may think about a doctor on board? Almost True!

In fact, BMW have thought about  an emergency stop assistance system: SmartSenior which in case the car driver feels sick (heart,  asthma attack…) will localize your car, enlighten the flashers, use sensors to monitor road traffic and helps  you parking safely and even may send an emergency call to the nearest hospital.

Other car manufacturers have gone really too far by offering health monitoring systems: Ford has announced Ford’s AppLink: a platform including  a number of applications in the health and wellness category, most recently showing off integration with Medtronic glucose monitors and the WellDoc Diabetes Manager application

NISSAN has even announced to bring affordable fully autonomous vehicles to the market by 2020, so we can even think about a car which is able to take the patient driver to the nearest hospital avoiding traffic jam, accident sites using a digital assistant named CAR 2 CAR which is the result of research and development field’s activity that you will be amazingly surprised when you will know more about it!

Creativity, imagination and technology mixed to make your car smarter and vital for everyone, hence increasing the Auto Industry Market Leaders’ competitively in order to satisfy a client that always wants more.

So, will you ever look at your car the same way again?


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