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Development QA : Software testing and Code Coverage (2/2)

This article is a continuation of a previous post which introduced the use of Code coverage to recognize test scripts imperfections. In this post we will present some complex and useful code coverage metrics. Condition Coverage : (C2) The TRUE and the FALSE condition of each expression and sub-expression branch must be tested at least [...]

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Innovation, automotive suppliers response to face the crisis

Slowing down of sales, reduction of production, lack of liquidity, downgraded perspectives, drastic social plan (PSA intends to eliminate 8,000 jobs in 2013 and 2014 in France) … The difficult environment for car manufacturers is all the more for automotive suppliers that rely heavily on the sector hence the urgent need for them to propose [...]

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Development QA : Software testing and Code Coverage (1/2)


For a successful project management, it is crucial to evaluate the development quality to analyze the deviation and make the necessary corrections before project delivery. This evaluation should not be only for code source but also for test scripts. Especially for an embedded software project, the test procedure is the major phase to assign and [...]

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Open source for automotive software development

Open source is not limited to a specific field and automotive software development is a proof. Automotive industry has reached a high level of complexity. This is due to the rising requirements needed by constructors to meet the expectations of their customers. So, constructors made several attempts to unify the process and quality of development. [...]

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